Venue & Catering (Banquet)

The Venue and Catering module is designed for properties with function rooms and convention centers. Sales staff can create customized packages for guests who require a function done in the property with the integration of room reservations and restaurant..

Unique benefits Venue & Catering

  • The sales team is able to create packages, make quotations and reservations (confirmed or tentative) for customers wherever they are, also at the customer site or an exhibition, as long as the Internet is available. Reservations are made based on real time availability.
  • The system creates the BEO (Banquet Event Order) automatically and includes instructies for departments as well as room reservations.
  • Function rooms can be configured as a tree or flat. A tree means that a function room can be divided into multi funcion rooms.
  • This module is fully integrated with Accounting. When a venue is checked in, revenue will be automatically posted in the related accounts.
  • Charges can simply be routed to a single invoice, from restaurant and room charges to banquet charges.