Service Centre

Providing the best customer service is always the goal of any hospitality business. The Service Centre provides hotel staff a systematic approach to achieving this.

Unique benefits of Service Centre

  • Guests can make requests like extra towel or report a damage by phone, App or smart TV.
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance can report issues through their App, including picture taking linked to the issue.
  • Alert colour schemes can be added for different time frames. This is so that tasks which have not been completed within a certain time frame will automatically change to a certain colour to alert staffs of the tasks being overdue.
  • When a certain task is completed, staffs can update the system so that the operator will be notified that the service has been delivered.
  • Other than request for services and repair, complaints can also be logged. Complaints will be sent to the relevant department to alert them of the poor service delivered. This is an important tool to help departments improve their services so that customer satisfaction can be guaranteed.
  • If a service includes an item that requires to be returned like extra pillow or adaptor, the system will not allow the guest to check out unless the item has been reported as returned.